Where’s Waldo?

…or better yet, where’s John been?

Yeah I know, last post was November 2015? YIKES!

Well if any of you are still in the mood to follow I hope you’ll stick around and give me another chance.

In the last year I was busy making a great deal of changes. New website, new business model, and finished up the year having done 76 workshops! Most were one or two day events and the Grand Daddy (for me anyway) of the year, my “Fall Colors in the Eastern Sierra” workshop.

Conway Summit – Eastern Sierra CA

I highlight this along with the photo included in this post as it dovetails with my last (historic) post about using the tools you have handy. As it turns out, more and more while doing my workshops I am using my iPhone to make images while giving my clients ideas on what and how to make images of their own. Hence the image in this post.

While standing on the shoulder of Hwy 395 a couple of folks were wondering whether or not making a panoramic image would be worth the effort…I hate to say it but,  YO! Are You Kidding Me! A quick effort in pano mode on the 7Plus convinced them. Literally 1 minute of effort. Now can you imagine this image if one were to take their time using better tools? But at that moment the smartphone was the best I had “handy”…

So I’m back and I hope you’ll stop by now and then. Admittedly I’m not an everyday Blogger but I will do my best to post every week or so. Hopefully better than that.





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