Here’s lookin’ at your Baldy!

Female Osprey in flight


So yesterday I was driving my wife to work and noticed an Osprey carrying about a 5 pound Bass to a nest atop a telephone pole near where I live. Of course no camera and no time to stop…

So later in the afternoon when we got home I ran back out to the same location. Both Osprey’s were at the nest but the male took off headed toward the water, I assume looking for dinner. So I hung out for a while watching the female who was tending the nest. She soon flew around a bit before going back to the nest. It was at that time I got this shot. It’s obvious my shiny bald head attracted her…

Technically for me this was a VERY lucky image. I was using my 100-400 telephoto lens with two tele-converters (1.4 & 2.0) handheld manual focus of an in-flight bird coming towards me. I’m keeping this one.

File under “lucky shot”


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