New Photography Workshop – Oregon Coast in Winter – February 2016

Oregon Coast Winter Workshop

February 15th thru 18th*  2016

Oregon Coast-1

This workshop will take us along the entire Oregon coast. From Northern Oregon near Astoria all the way to the California border.

We will explore numerous locations known for their stunning beauty. From Lighthouses to Sea caves and many scenic places in between.

Winter can be one of the most stunningly beautiful times to visit these areas. Winter storms bring fantastic skies adding drama to your images.

Who wants a plain blue sky anyway?

We’ll seek breaking storms where light will be the magic we chase. Obviously a very fluid schedule will be the norm so be prepared!

Downtime will be spent reviewing images, critique and suggestions for editing in Lightroom and Photoshop.

But make no mistake, we’ll be in the field most of the time and utilize every possible hour we can.

For more info…  here


What do you do when the weather goes bad…Well you take pictures of course!

Asilomar Area - Image taken with iPhone 6

Asilomar Beach Area
Image taken with an iPhone 6

I just wrapped up a custom photography workshop with a great group of gentlemen down in Carmel on California’s central coast.  Of course we’ve been back in drought conditions all of January (no rain at all), except during the workshop – the “Pineapple Express” decided to express itself! Go figure…well fortunately the guys were great and weren’t going to let “a little” rain stop them… In fact some of my best photographic experiences have been during inclement weather. Being there, just as clouds break for that special moment of light. For me that’s what its all about!

During these trips I don’t actively take my own photos while conducting the workshop. I do however have my iPhone which I use constantly as an instructional tool as well as my trusty old Canon. Between them I can give visual instruction to my clientele and it really works out well.

On the way home back to San Francisco, I decided to hit a couple of old haunts. First stop was Pigeon Point Lighthouse. Now this looks like a lighthouse! What better time to take a picture of a lighthouse than when its doing its job?

Pigeon Point Lighthouse Pescadero Taken with Canon 1Ds Mk II

Pigeon Point Lighthouse
Taken with Canon 1Ds Mk II

   Another one of my favorites is Bean  Hollow Beach.  It was relatively low tide and this rock jetty was exposed. I have been loving my 10 stop ND filter  and decided this was a good  candidate.

Bean Hollow Beach Taken with Canon 1Ds Mk II and 10 stop ND filter

Bean Hollow Beach
Taken with Canon 1Ds Mk II and 10 stop ND filter

So don’t let a little rain bother you…hang out, be patient and be ready for that momentary break of fantastic light!

Oh, and have fun…!